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How much is cultural diversity appreciated in your organization?

How much visibility do you want to have as promoters of cultural diversity in Argentina?

Are you interested in promoting your organization among the leaders of the intercultural field in the region?

Then you need to take part in the SIETAR Argentina Congress “The power of interculturality: facing challenges of a diverse world¨

SIETAR Argentina Congress is the most important event organized in the country in the field of intercultural communication, due to the variety of the partcipants, as well as the quality of the speakers and the programme itself.

SIETAR is a national and regional professional netwrok with more tan 5000 members all over the world  with an interest and passion for  the intercultural environment. The organization of congresses to promote knowledge and development of intercultural competences has been one of the main activities of the different chapters of SIETAR all over the world. This year, SIETAR Argentina Congress will be held in September in the city of Buenos Aires with the collaboration of Universidad de San Andres (UDESA).

More tan 50 participants from Argentina and other countries of the region, from different industries and  with different profesional profiles will attend. They  will focus on learning about the interculturality as an effective way to deal with the challenges of a diverse world. It will be an opportunity to share intercultural theories, good practices and methods commonly used in the field.

The SIETAR congress provides an ideal scenery for companies and  individuals interested in promoting  their services and products, along with  the possibility of achieving visibility among the professionals in the area of intercultural communication.

We offer several oportunities of sponsorship suitable for all budgets.

Contact us at sietarargentina@gmail.com to arrange a meeting to assess  different options.

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