Congress 2017

Today’s world seems to be at a crossroads: in different environments and latitudes severe conflicts between different perspectives frequently emerge. The frontier between “Us” and “Them” gets more and more distinct and difficult to cross. Differences, be it cultural, generational, gender-based or religious, are often perceived as a source of division, as  a threat to our «own ways» of doing things. When polarization exists in a society, an organization or a group, diversity starts to be felt as something uncomfortable. Exacerbation of what is different makes it difficult to have a complete human experience of communion and equity towards “others”.

logo UPSIETAR Argentina, together with the Universidad de Palermo, welcomes you to the 3rd edition of the most important Conference of intercultural development in the region. This conference is born with the modest aim of encouraging the search of alternatives to polarization. It is through reflection, dialogue, debate, that we seek to generate different readings, interpretations, ways of doing, that are innovative and inspirational.

Diversity implies for us richness, expansion of new horizons of possibility. Taking advantage of this huge potential is a challenge worth facing, by creating spaces for learning and exchange that are both open and plural. This Conference is firmly aimed at constituting one of such spaces.

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